(TM Equine Psychotherapy Institute)

This is a series of eight sessions with horses that is a comprehensive program that will take individuals or groups through stages of Regulation, Awareness, Boundaries, Feelings, Thoughts and Facing Challenges. Develop tools to navigate life with more ease- neutralize destructive negative thoughts, problem solve and communicate better and have more fun.

Contact with horses during the Horse Wisdom Program has the capacity to trigger and evoke feelings. These sessions provide an opportunity for deep connection and oneness that can help us move away from impersonal, superficial and isolating forms of communications.

The program offers the rewarding, soul satisfying closeness of authentic and fearless interpersonal communication. As we allow ourselves to see and be seen by a horse (horses never judge or fake emotions), the nature of our connection to ourselves and to each other changes. It deepens our self-awareness, which gives us choices about old patterns of behaviour, that may not suit us anymore, and enriches us to get in contact with our true, up-to-date selves.

With horses, we hear and we are heard. We see and we are seen. As you experience that true dialogue and self-sharing becomes possible with a horse, it becomes more possible in the rest of your life.