Horses Healing Humans


Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning are two innovative processes
whereby individuals and groups interact with horses to develop new
ways of thinking and being.
It is a fun, safe way to develop personal insight, empathy and to regulate
difficult emotions.

“Great Horse Therapy lessons”

Fay B.

“The Horse Wisdom Program has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life. Just being around the horses has taught me a lot about myself and how to build better relationships with other people”

Romy H.

“Melbourne Equine Therapy has been a game-changer for me. I’ve come out of this experience feeling way more confident, strong, and connected to myself. It’s been a real boost in both my personal and professional life.”

Arantxa G.


Raphael Tiger

Raphael Tiger is another gorgeous standardbred and an international star! Tiger was a champion harness horse in his birthplace of New Zealand and was bought by an Australian trainer and promptly never won a race in Aus. After a lifetime of discipline and demands for obedience, Raph Tiger has loved being able to have his opinions heard. He is now very clear on his likes and dislikes and loves being chosen to work with someone in a session.


Gigi is a palomino mare that seems straight out of a story book. She is very affectionate but insists that people allow her time to breathe in their energy before stroking her. She recently lost her best friend and had to move to a new herd, and this has given her some stress as tries to fit in with a bunch of strong personalities! She loves chilling out with humans who seek to get her. If you listen to her, she is very happy to listen to you!


Jack is playful, always in the present moment and very “mouthy”. He will explore you all over with his mouth. A far too thin yearling when he joined us from Tassie, he raced (once only!) under the name “Wanted for Murta”, but he has grown into a charming young horse who is very curious about humans and will talk the talk with you for hours.


This gorgeous, friendly, pocket-sized thoroughbred mare is full of personality and expression. She’s not just bossy –  she’s the boss and makes her likes and dislikes very clear. She is boundlessly curious and will cheekily examine your boundaries. Peggy’s mother died 24 hours after giving birth to her so we hand-reared her which makes her believe she is not only top horse but half human. We believe Peggy to be the prettiest little bay mare in the world.


Spud was born to be an Equine Therapy horse. He loves human company, especially men whose hands can give him the deep rub that he loves on his bum. He is a standardbred but there is nothing standard about this gelding. Friendly, calm and wise, Spud was graciously donated to Melbourne Equine Therapy by equine therapist Nina.