Equine Assisted Therapy are sessions with a trained mental health practitioner who is also a qualified Equine Assisted Practitioner. This is therapy, taken out of a room and in nature with a horse or horses. Through these sessions clients are supported and guided in learning more about themselves, working through difficulties, and improving communication and relationship skills.

This therapy can be effective in treating individuals with psychological concerns, including:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), Eating Disorders, Bullying, Substance abuse and addictions, Depression and Anxiety, Autism  and Negative Behavioral Issues.

Both Equine Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning is a fun, safe way to develop personal insight, empathy and to regulate difficult emotions.

In both type of sessions you will be invited to take part in safe activities with the horses and then, if you wish, process the experience, feelings and thoughts. Many of the experiences people have with our herd of horses relate readily to life situations. Working with the herd offers the opportunity to explore how we are in our relationships with others or how we are coping with life’s challenges.

We will also demonstrate techniques that help people become calm and regain control of their thoughts, emotions and feelings.