Who we are

Melbourne Equine Therapy is a haven for people and animals, (especially horses). Our 68-acre farm with breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley, is a welcoming non-judgemental place where clients spend time with horses to discover a deep calm, to learn horse wisdom, to be inspired, to heal and to uncover new ways of thinking and being.

The horses, steers and dog living here are all rescues. They have overcome displacement, stressful work conditions, grief, misunderstanding and loss. Our clients are often people who seek to overcome similar life challenges.

At Melbourne Equine Therapy the horse’s wisdom is honoured here as a co-therapist, friend, and teacher, therefore all the sessions are with horses interacting with them on the ground.

Indeed, most of the time the horse is at complete liberty unrestrained by halters or bridles, to ensure that they are with us because they want to work with us. Unlike riding where horses must obey commands.

What we offer people here is unlike room-based therapy or coaching as all the sessions provide an opportunity to have a heartfelt and completely voluntary interaction with another living being,

Looking into the large round eyes of a horse and realizing that they are mirroring back what you are feeling inside, can be a life altering experience.

Where else can you look compassionately into your own soul?

Horses have a way of helping us explore the unknown or the uncomfortable aspects of ourselves in a safe space. Horse’s naturally have a heart rate three times slower than humans, just spending time in the presence of horses helps slow down our hearts, deepens our breathing, and allows relaxation.

Equine therapy and learning is different from other forms of therapy and those participating in it find themselves opening up quickly, since the horses are incapable of judging or criticizing- they accept us for who we truly are.

Our Vision

Alan, Tee, Rachel, Fam, Nina and Annabel (and of course Crikey, Styx and the rescue steers) all seek to promote a world where animals and humans are in harmony and allow this connection to bring us home to our true nature.

Melbourne Equine Therapy is in the business of bringing awareness of how being in harmony with a horse help us to, not only heal, but to thrive in life.

At M.E.T. we have created a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive environment where all people can begin to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  All our trained facilitators have a strong sense of empathy and compassion which has led them to this new path of helping others while giving greater meaning to our own lives. We are all blessed in being able to spend time with this amazing horse herd.

We are devoted to providing a place where the horses can live in as close as possible to a natural state. We listen carefully to all our animals’ opinions and find a lot of joy and personal insight negotiating life with them!  

What we can do for you

We offer private or group sessions for children and adults, as well as live in retreats where clients spend time with our special horse herd. Witnessing and interacting with a herd in their natural state gives clients the important space and environment to get in touch with their true nature.

With the stress of modern life, we humans can lose our way to our authentic self. Spending time with the horse herd can lead us back to a connection with our authentic self, our best life, and truer relationships.

Interacting with horses facilitated by our trained human guides allows you time to reconnect with what makes you truly tick, what brings you true joy, how you want to truly express yourself in a way that honours you and the people around you.

The sessions with the horses are all experiential learning- ‘learning by doing’ allows individuals to gain self-knowledge and acquire skills, from direct experiences. During these structured activities with the horses, participants are in the centre of their own experience.

It’s a type of learning that allows instant feedback that you “feel” in your body.

Horses are deeply comfortable with how they are. They can teach us how to be more like them.  How to be truly comfortable ‘in our own skin’ They teach you to be balanced by aligning mind, body and spirit.

Horses can see through the masks people wear, what society, schooling and family background may have dictated or influenced us to behave.  Because horses respond to the genuine person inside and have this ability to sense people’s true feelings, they help people recognize what attitude or behaviour is no longer needed.  Old thought processes and unhelpful repetitive patterns can be recognized and, most importantly, released.

 You can’t change what you can’t see – horses help us see.

Through these facilitated activities participants can connect with a horse in a natural peaceful environment. Using mindfulness techniques and engaging with a horse from the ground, people can find their own answers from within.

Horses connect with people’s heart energy which may uncover possibilities for new more positive way of feeling about their life that people have never felt before. This sense of empowerment and new vision has often led clients to positive powerful change.

Horses show us how we are in connection with another living being. We can discover a heart-to-heart connection that we can then take into our world with more compassion understanding and generosity.

 These gentle animals have been in partnership with humans throughout history.  Their insightful teachings help people connect on a much deeper level and guide them through life. The sessions do not offer horse riding, for the practice is about connection – seeing the horses as other beings, who can teach us lessons for life – helping to regulate our nervous systems, offering emotional safety and confirmation, promoting whole-body awareness, modelling healthy boundaries and authentic leadership.